Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Panel

General Perceptions with Diversity & Inclusion
1. Why is the topic of diversity and inclusion important for you and your firm? 
2. In what ways have you seen diversity come to the forefront in your workplace-- is there a story where being a diverse team led to a different outcome than would have otherwise been? 
3. What were some preconceived notions in regards to diversity and inclusion you had about the Consulting industry before you joined, and how have things changed?
4. There is a perspective that minorities are finding it difficult to make it to senior leadership positions in consulting. What are the reasons behind this, and what is the path forward?
5. What other challenges still exist with regard to building diverse teams?

How firm culture supports & celebrates diversity
6. Could you speak more about the affinity organizations within your firm? In what ways do they foster a sense of belonging for minority groups? 
7. How have you seen individual colleagues at your firm spearhead causes they are passionate about, particularly with regards to Diversity and Inclusion?
8. How has your company encouraged discussions in light of recent events?
9. In what ways do you see your firm enacting long-term changes regarding diversity and inclusion due to the current environment? 

Diversity in Recruiting 
10. What is your firm’s approach to attracting diverse talent? Are there any specific diversity programs offered?
11. What general advice do you have for the students on the call as they think about careers in consulting?