Economic Consulting Panel

1. Let's get started out by having you talk about what it is exactly that an economic consultant does (and how that differs from management consulting)?
2. Can you give some examples on the kind of projects you’ve worked on?
3. What makes your firms unique? Where are your offices located, size of company/office, types of practice, firm culture.
4. Can you talk a little about the different practices, and how an interested student might go about discerning which one they are most interested in?
5. Talk about a typical career progression for an entry-level hire? After a few years, are entry-level hires going to graduate school (business, law, PhD, etc), moving on to other professional opportunities, or staying and progressing through the organization?
6. What are the major skills that you develop as an economic consultant (most transferable to grad school etc)?
7. Best and worst parts about being an economic consultant?
8. Let’s move on and talk a little about recruiting. Can you touch on the most important things you’re looking for in a candidate?
9. If we have some younger students on this call (i.e. not Juniors/Seniors), how can they best prepare themselves if they think this is something they’d like to do in the future?