Public Sector Consulting Panel

1. What is public sector consulting and what categories of organizations are included in the public sector? 
2. What is the range of job descriptions that could fall under public sector consulting? 
3. At the level of an individual consultant, what are the differences between working for the public sector as opposed to the private sector?
4. What drew you to public sector consulting?
5. What does a week in your life look like? 
6. What is a favorite project you have worked on?
7. Are there common structures of public sector consulting firms? Large or small? Specialized or spanning multiple industries?
8. What is the recruiting process like for a consultant in the public sector? Are case interviews involved or other special evaluations?
9. Is there a typical career progression or trajectory in your industry?
10. Is there a lot of travel involved in public sector consulting? Has COVID changed this?
11. How do you suggest students learn more about particular fields of public sector consulting?
12. What advice would you want to tell yourself as a college student either considering public sector consulting or looking for a first job?