Spring Consulting Week 2021

Spring Consulting Week: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. When is Spring Consulting Week 2021?
Spring Consulting Week 2020 is March 8 - 10, 2021.

2. What is Spring Consulting Week?
Spring Consulting Week (SCW) is the banner event from Consulting Connect for the spring semester at Notre Dame. SCW focuses on introductory material and skill-based programming to prepare students for the heavy recruiting season that starts with fall classes.

3. Will there be any consulting firms attending SCW? If so, who?
YES! There will be several of our key partner consulting firms will be attending Spring Consulting Week 2021. Stay tuned for more details as we continue to solidify these plans and details.

4. Who can attend Spring Consulting Week?
SCW is open to all undergraduate students of all majors! Consulting is largely agnostic when it comes to academic backgrounds, so we’re happy to share information with all students. We have organized the events so that each class of students has an employer-focused event tailored to their likely skill-level & position in the field in addition to the variety of skill-building sessions. 

5. What are the main differences between the Fall and Spring Consulting Weeks?
The three pillars of Consulting Connect are (1) Educate, (2) Prepare, and (3) Connect. SCW focused mainly on the first two - educate & prepare. The spring semester is the beginning of the 2020 recruiting cycle for consulting, and our goal is to establish the foundation that students will use to develop skills and industry knowledge in preparation for a busy recruiting cycle come fall. Building upon that foundation, Fall Consulting Week (FCW) zeroes in on the last pillar - connect. Most applications are open, employers are visiting frequently, and students are vying for interview slots. As such, FCW is the last-minute prep for students entering consulting recruiting and wanting a final polish check. The Symposium is the main event of the week where employer events are booked dawn til way past dusk in order to give students ample time to make connections ahead of deadlines and first-round interviews. To put it simply - by the time we hit fall, it’s gametime!

6. Why should someone attend Spring Consulting Week?
SCW consolidates a lot of information into a few short days of programming for students interested in learning the “what” and “how” of consulting. Only by answering these questions can students adequately construct a plan for their own recruiting processes. There isn’t one direct path into consulting, so only by seeing the whole picture can each student visualize and act upon his or her own in order to be successful. Each student will come out of the week with a better sense of where they fit into the industry and a plan to attack recruiting come fall.


All event registration will be posted in Handshake by February 15! Any questions can be directed to Bailey Bushman (bailey.bushman@nd.edu) in the Meruelo Family Center for Career Development or Khesa Borotho (kborotho@nd.edu) President of Consulting Connect. Students are also welcome to join Consulting Connect via our Google Group - the only commitment is receiving our weekly Tuesday newsletter with consulting updates & announcements!