Strategy Consulting Panel

1. Panelist introductions (Name, ND/educational info, background about yourself, etc.)
2. How would you define strategy consulting and how did you get interested in it as a career? What has kept you in the field? How did you go about deciding which firm you wanted to work for? 
3. Strategy consulting is a broad field with a wide variety of potential paths. How did you end up on the path you're on / what path do you see for yourself?
4. How do you see the typical path of an entry level-strategy consultant, both inside and outside of the strategy consulting field?
5. What are some of the exciting ways you’ve seen your firm or the industry in general approach tough problems?
6. What is a major trend that you’re excited about within the strategy consulting field? Additionally, how have you seen it change during your time?
7. How have you seen your firms or the field in general react to the issues of racial injustice our country is currently struggling with?
8. Can you tell a story of a time when you felt proud of the impact you were able to have?
9. What advice would you give to someone just beginning to explore strategy consulting?
10. What key piece(s) of advice would you give about the recruiting process? Any advice about the case interview? Networking?