Women in Consulting Panel

1. Why did you say “yes” to be our panelist today? What drove or motivated you to share your stories and perspectives with us?
2. In your workplace, do you see a gender representation gap in your sector? Do you see an even larger gap among leadership?
3. How often do you struggle to find a work-life balance? How is the work-life balance of female employees different from that of male employees in consulting?
4.  Do you feel your firm makes significant efforts towards improving the culture for this cohort?
5. As we are all busy preparing for fall recruiting, I’m wondering if you all can offer some tips on it - how do you usually give yourself a good pep-talk? How can I be more prepared for interviews?
6. Have you or do you foresee yourself sacrificing (both personally and professionally) at some stage of your career? 
7. Do you remember a specific experience of where you wished that you or your firm had done something differently? If you were to do it over, what would you change?
8. What advice would you have for women who want to set off in a similar direction to yours?
9. What are some good resources for people who want to dive in deeper on this topic — women in the workplace/competitive industry?