Events & Programs

Consulting Connect hosts various events throughout the year. We invite all students who are interested to attend and to view and sign up for our events via Handshake. Outlined below are the different types of events we currently host. 


Peer Mock Interviews

Students can sign up for one-hour case mock interviews (click here to sign up on Handshake). Mock interviews are an excellent opportunity to practice casing and put your skills to the test in a realistic interview setting.

Fall & Spring Consulting Weeks 

Held in the fall and spring semesters, consulting weeks offer students the opportunity to learn about full-time and internship opportunities, engage with alumni, and find out more about consulting industry. The marquee event, The Connective, allows students to network one on one with firm representatives. 

Case Workshops

Students will learn about the technical component of the consulting interview process: the case. Upperclassmen who were successful in the recruitment process lead students through an overview of the case interview, an example case run through by the upperclassmen, and then a practice case as the whole group. Case Workshops are ideal for students who are new to the casing process.

Case Practice Sessions

Weekly practice sessions are ideal for sophomore and junior students who have basic knowledge of the casing process and are looking for live practice. At the practice sessions, students will receive live feedback from experienced upperclassmen.

Summer Case Chain

The Summer Case Chain is a weekly structured program to practice casing with other students preparing for the consulting recruitment process.

Mentorship & Other Workshops

Consulting Connect offers a variety of other workshops to educate, prepare, and connect students to all things consulting. Previous workshops have included Arts & Letters and Engineering Path to Consulting, Networking in Consulting Overview, How to Prepare for Fall Recruiting, Upperclassmen Coffee Chats, Discerning Between Consulting & Banking, and Resume Workshops. Consulting Connect also offers students a mentorship program, where underclassmen are paired with upperclassmen who have been successful in the consulting recruiting process.