Healthcare Consulting Panel

1. Can you share your experiences in healthcare consulting? What has surprised you, why did you enter the space, how do you find business + medicine? 
2. What specific skills have helped you see success in your case-work or team settings? 
3. What is one piece of advice you wish you could go back and give to your junior or senior year version of yourself as you navigated the consulting recruiting process?
4. How do you see business and medicine merge in the healthcare consulting industry? 
5. What is the culture of your firm? Work-life balance? 
6. How dissimilar or similar are healthcare and strategy consulting? 
7. Have you worked in one sect of healthcare that you have worked in and enjoyed? 
8. Does anyone have to have a healthcare background to get involved in healthcare consulting? 
9. Have you seen mentorship at your firm, or how does this occur at your firm?