Technology Consulting Panel

1. What does tech consulting look like at your firm? How does it differ from other tech consulting practices?
2. What types of skills do tech consultants learn at your firm? 
3. What does a typical career progression look like at your firm for a tech consultant?
4. Is there a typical day for a tech consultant at your firm? What would that look like?
5. How often do consultants at your firm travel? Will that look different pre- and post-COVID?
6. What are 3 key qualities a successful tech consultant often has at your firm?
7. What are the main industries your firm has projects in? Which industries would you say your firm “specializes” in? Are there any areas that the firm is hoping to expand?
8. Once employed, how does your firm train its consultants and help expand their knowledge of tech? Are there formal training opportunities if a consultant wants to learn about a new area or expand into a new industry?
9. How flexible are the alignments at your firm? Is switching between positions or industries relatively easy or are consultants encouraged to specialize and streamline quickly?
10. In this COVID-19 world, what are the new biggest challenges your company is facing as you try to adapt to a new working normal?
11. When recruiting on campus, what kinds of applicants are you looking for? Are there specific skills or experiences that help a candidate stand out in the process?
12. Does major matter when recruiting in tech consulting? Do you often look for STEM backgrounds or can any major be considered?
13. What are tech consulting case interviews like? How heavily are they weighed in comparison to the behavioral interview? What is the best way to prepare?
14. Does your firm have diversity programs for underrepresented groups? 
15. What is one piece of advice would you give to a student interviewing at your company? 
16. When recruiting, what is one common quality you look for in a candidate?