Resumes are the primary factors in determining who receives a first-round interview for a consulting position. They serve as a candidate's first impression and introduction to the firm. Given that there are always limited spots for interviews, it's vital that each resume is focused on the student's accomplishments and how they project confidence onto his or her potential for success in the role.

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Resume Tips

  • Make sure each experience description ties directly to the individual's impact. Students should write descriptions that feature their contributions and direct involvement in the organization. Background context on the organization's goals or activities may be included, but should not be the focus of the content.
  • Where possible, quantify impact. Students should include numbers in each description to provide context for the reader to understand the full-scope of the experience. For instance, a student may include total dollars raised when fundraising, number of students served during a service project, or measured improvement in productivity. These details add scale and provide a clearer image of the student's involvement.
  • General resume tips still apply. Keep the resume to one page and put the most recent & relevant experiences at the top. Use active voice to describe activities, and use the present tense for current roles and past tense for completed. See the Career Development Guide for more resume guidelines.