The majority of recruiting for consulting internships and full-time roles takes place in the fall semester. Students interested in entering recruiting should actively prepare during the prior spring and summer months via outreach to experienced upperclassmen & alumni, connections to desired firms, and interactions with recruiters who manage each firm's strategy come fall. 


Consulting recruiting for full-time positions begins in August as the fall semester begins. Please note that many applications open well before classes begin, and deadlines can fall prior to the start of classes. It's key to remember that your personal schedule and recruiting schedule will often overlap - meaning that you may be completing an internship during your junior summer and already needing to research application deadlines, connect with recruiters, and network with alumni for full-time opportunities offered in the fall. Most full-time consulting interviews will be held in September with a few falling in early October. Offers can be expected by the end of October for most opportunities. 


Internship recruiting for juniors occurs each fall, either in conjunction with or following the full-time cycle for seniors. Application deadlines normally fall in late September or early October, but you should always double-check with your target firms' Handshake posting or careers page for updated information. Interviews normally run throughout October, but can begin as early as late September. Offers should be expected by Thanksgiving. 


Many consulting firms now offer opportunities for sophomores such as internships and week-long immersion programs during the summer. Selection criteria varies firm to firm, and programs often target diverse candidates, so please note any specific eligibility criteria when looking to apply (View the Sophomore Consulting Plan).

For these programs, applications are made available both in the fall and spring semesters - all depending on the preference of the firm. More competitive opportunities often expect candidates to complete case interviews, so it's never too early to begin your case prep. Interested students should research deadlines from previous years, monitor Handshake and seek out connections with recruiters to clarify application deadlines and requirements as early as the fall semester.

All sophomores, regardless of eligibility for formal sophomore programs, should take advantage of any opportunity to interact with firms at information sessions, workshops and other events. These are especially relevant during the spring semester when recruiters are forming relationships with candidates they will be seeking come fall.